prom 2013

Hi. Well, then was prom over. I had a blast!! We started the day with a typical American breakfast, bacon and French toast. As told before, Annika got her license and she is seriously addicted to drive, haha. So we went for a drive around in Parker, we stopped at target for a few to buy energy drinks for the night before we headed home. At noon we left the house with no makeup and greasy hairs while we were both really excited to get ready. It was so much fun at the hairdresser, she was amazing! She made Annika?s and my hair so pretty, loved it. Wish I could do stuff like that. After hair we drove over to the mall for makeup, we had appointments at Estee Lauder and theydid a great job. Was kind of nervous there I sat because the time had flown so fast, but it looked great when I finally could open my eyes. Werushed home, jumped in our dresses and shoes, and then people started coming.

We took pictures in a great weather. Ida's host dad is a photographer so the pictures turned out really good. We ate dinner at Macaroni grill, had steak with mac and cheese, yum. Then we headed over to the dance. It was really fun, the place was so cool, we danced and they announced king and queen, just like the Americans movies. We stayed longer then I thought we would, which is a sign that we had fun and we did. When was back in Parker I was almost falling a sleep... We took our 5 energy drinks, lol, and drove over to the school. There we met Martha at the entrance and talked to her for a few before we slid down a slide, which was placed on top of the main stairs in the school, and where ready for after prom! The decorations were awesome. We played poker and a bunch of other games, took fake tattoos, got our future told, had fun in the bounzie house, drove toilets motorbikes and just had fun. Annika and me left the school around 3 and went straight to sleep.


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05.05.2013 kl.05:32

Nydelig kjole du hadde :)

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